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Ryguy Tha Flyguy

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Jamsphere magazine writes, “Ryguy delivers in all categories of his latest album. There is variety to each song, which is supported by heartrending lyrics and a solid production. He is an artist that is not only propelling his own personal career, but he is contributing to his genre in a positive way and it shows in this ‘Overcoming Tha Unfortunate’. Ryguy Tha Flyguy shines in that he unabashedly expresses his experiences, feelings and emotions with well-thought lyrics, metaphors, and rhymes. I don’t remember hearing a rapper be more vulnerable or genuine than Ryguy is on this album. He has a sort of openness and honesty that is a step beyond what many others have done.”

Gbundlez, an A&R from Snoop Dogg’s camp once said, “The music you sent us caught our attention. Daz Dillinger heard your track and we want to use it in our upcoming compilation”. Ryguy Tha Flyguy has also received tons of great feedback on other songs landing him spots on Coast2Coast Mixtapes, reaching thousands of hip hop fans. In short, if you are a fan of legendary hip hop artists such as Eminem, Kanye West, Drake, Lil Wayne, and others like them, Ryguy Tha Flyguy is a MUST have for your collection.

His lyrics have captured the attention of hip hop fans around the world by sharing his personal experiences, lyrical delivery, and love for rap music, making his latest album worth listening to. It has a hip hop vibe to it which makes it perfect for blasting in the car…  It’s even great to listen to while just chillin and drinking with friends!

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